Saturday, 13 June 2009

Take it as the truth

Just sit here
And take it as the truth

The sweating tears are shaking
As its been just over a year
Since I was put under
From the bread and butter knife blunder
I sit on down at the student table flinching
Into the grounds of 22 Ashton gate rd
The damien voice playing me
Like a bow and fiddle
Highly strung and tensious
As laughter is swirling outside of me
It feels like as if I am being heckled
Torn apart because I can not smile
Through the dreary tears
As the others can not uncerstand
The shakingmental situation
As I lock myself in my room
Trying to skalpal off my hair
I'm just having one of those crisises
In confidence that preludes me
And sharks bighting on the distant memmories

Just sit here
And take it as the truth

I hear a knocking on my door
And the gentle tones of a housemate
Checking up on me and my mental displacement
I find myself red raw and rampant
At my subconcious energy making me sour
They persuade me down
As the tears are flowing out
Of frustrations of who I should be
The visions of the hospital flash
Infront of me
Causing my heart and skin to flinch
And I hear the laughter of my housemate
Lament around
I cant help but feel all the jokes are about me
I warn them that I am about to snap
Because I am on the last freying thethers
Of this long hold rope
They can see my eyes bleed with tears
As the sence my insecurities
As they fleet around me
I just haver to plead
Please leave me I need to be like this

Just sit here
And take it as the truth

I know you are all trying to do a supportive job
But at these times I need to cry out
Frustration times to heal myself
From these wounding chimes
Running around in this head
I spoke to their bending ears
As they tried to help me
Rip out my hairs looking on in despair
I found my lost sense of identity
Creeping up into this unstable head
I hope you can bare with me
Because this is something I dont want to be
So please do pardom me

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