Monday, 1 June 2009

On The Spot

So waiting here
For the curtain to drop
I feel my heart pulversing
With nervous drops
As sweat bleeds out
Of my head and my hands
I stand here like a withered man
As I open up my vocal glands
For nothing to really stand

As the curtains are flung open
I feel a never ending circus
Of desperation
Cradling frantic thoughts
As I try to think clearly
With the braking black cloud
Luminating in my head
As I can see eyes peering perilously
With the voices of go on idiot
Make us laugh
Make us heave and half
With your fat anecdotes
On which we know you will choke

The lights I can feel
Blazing on my forehead
Pointing to random things
As people become objectives
Of ear peeling perspectives
As I cant help but feel
Myself ranting out of control
Because all you want to hear
Is jokes from the fat mans lear
And self repressed thoughts
Of manic depressive saunts
as voices argue and riddle and toll
God we must destroy
This baron empty soul

I feel myself battling
With all good will
but there is something making it ill
As braldy man steps up
With a knife in his hand
I can see a fear in his eyes
Ready to rip me to shrides
His eyes beam a hollow light
As he reaches out with fright
Grabbing my head from the lights
And wheelding the knife
He screams down you go
Good bye to your life
Rest up in the levans
Of pain and strife
Because we dont want to
Hear about your Life

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