Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Crush

Oh sunshine give me hope
That there is a fire that
I can stoke
The flames of a smile are lasting
Whilst thick clouds
are drawing in
So where should I begin
With a story so perplexing
A smile
A stare with a glare
To you over there
With fair brown hair
And a body to spare
with whispers of almost debonair
Complexion of skin
Bronzed and singed
A gentle sensiousness in touch
A blushing rippling feeling
Does wash me up and down
Lifting the furrowed brow
With a smile to endour
With a warmth that
I hope does not sour
God I don't mean
To be sounding dour

You said that I always made you smile
But I can't help but feel
That I cramp all your styles
You make me feel miles high
With my heart pumping like a stye
From the rubber eyed youth
And slender mis-abuse
Because you think you are so obtuece
But you have nothing to fear
because you will always be enedeared
By a warmth of atmosphere
Please take me anywhere but here dear
Because I cant help but stear
My sight into the plushing eye
Of your face
Shining plumped lips pushing
as you breath words
Of image concerns
As you said you wanted a washboard stumach
You did mo care for Annorexic dispair
Because no phillipino masses
Have ounces of fat on their lasses

Its hard to look good
And not be mis-understood
By those of opposite sex's
Burning hexes
Of charicterizations of
How others judge you
For their enjoyments
And the avante caring
For the one thing
The addictiveness of compulsion
Crushes and urges
Brings on this hearts
With a romeo clanging in the head
Just wanting to spittle out
Words that are tumbling out
With a vile sound
Of a shafted quickness
And quivering pounding
Oh my god!
My skin is shrowding to the blunderous
Blushing tones of a beetroot Red
As she stared smiling
with white valed teeth
This has almost scary intent
I want to ask her one big thing
Will she?
Do You?
in fractuous moments
Where one hopes something will happen
To spread the possitivity
Or leave me in the usual heart break and dispree

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