Sunday, 7 June 2009

Watch your Streets

Watch these streets
Ther maybe BNP seats
With all their candidates
Running up with grease
Like nast insects
With itching bights
are hiding our sights
For racism is what we want
They all huff and puff
For the fight of the White Mans plight
Only to find out
We are all really imigrants
Just like the other types
You see how can we irradicate
Something this country has been built on
With its rich history
Of invasions and vacuous glee
That will always wilt the BNPs party pollicies
For they are really nasty boned thugs
working like a machine
To spread eagle disparatee
A bit like Nazi pollicy
Running through their blood
Slap their bitches
And treat them rough
Only tender on equal terms
To those of the same point of view
Or blood as you
Your old views on
How we should view
Those of other clothes
Not wanting to give in
To those with differents skins
because they have no belongings
They would chuinder and sing
With the sounds of stinging
Fists of glory ringing

So Fuck the BNP
And their nationalistic views
which really are very skewed
Out of date and lewed
As barrell clenching teeth
Scower like dodgy security guards
Up for a fight
As they claim to be in the right
And we are in the wrong
For letting others sing our songs
Settles and belong

So watch your streets
As they maybe BNP seats
So when you go and vote
In your polling stations
Then sing your voice
And make the right choice
Just don't be brought in
By their whips and their stings
Of their false presentings
Being nice and clean
Because they are really
Vile human beings

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