Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Little Miss Sunshine

little Miss Sunshine Opend the doors
For life with smiles so full
As she just tapped away on the edges of a tin
Marked Creme bojaree
She said sweet swaree
Come here darling day
And I will tap on your heart
With the pitter of rain drops as
I say come and stay

She smiles at me and dances away
With a certain step of repartee
And the lips on her face
curl with flexing glee
Flinching only with the sparing of looks
As Summers got her hooks
And her crooks
Summer does make me smile
as hse unfurled her white teeth

Pulling on these heart strings
As little miss sunshine
Dances under the rainbow
tearing the clouds
With windswept light
Bleeding through the water drops
Roasting this face
With a memmory of a smile
And its tastes of sunlight showers

Guilded eyes does make this cold machine
Rattle and humm
Look at what this romance has done

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