Tuesday, 16 June 2009


"God I am bored"
Bemuse a slouched potato like figure
Glowering over his half empty pint glass
In his local pub
"I am of the way this government is running this country"
he said with a stinging tones
"I am sick of government bureaucracy
Covering up lies with gloss and dross" he scowled
"Lets face it this government
Has been leading up shit creek for a while now
and I am sick of it
This government has more in common with
Big brother then it does speaking with true politics"
He said banging his fist against the bar
"I think the only reason why
Mr brown is prime minister is because
He can get a celebritalised job where
He actually does something that gets printed in heat magazine"
He paused briefly before sifting swig off his drink
"If he was not Prime Minister
Then he would be on I'm a Celebrity Get Me out of here
Trying to bed hop like a patronizing middle class bigwit
Who's sheer desperation was to grab every penny in the photographs.
I mean I can just see it now Gordon brown
Stood next to Christopher Bigglesworth
with that crass Jordie duo ant and dec
Doing running commentry for the visually impared
Or mentally restrained" he sighed staring at the bumps
"Either way its bloody painfull
Why is it that you have to have lots of money to run a country?
I mean both labour and torries are just as bad as each other
performing habitual bitch slapping dances sucking up to their leaders
And there is the Lib dems
Who are like the political ostrich
Shoving their heads in the sand hoping someone notices them
they mas as well do elections in an X factor styling
With a mass group sing and dance off"
He smirked with a distained sense of Irony

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