Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Undefind Love

I sit on down at the computer
Looking at my gun
As everyone seems to be jumping up
Popping up and down like fun
From the dirty dozens
Of the faces that they pull
with the screaming of the come on over
Watch me play with my pride
I will be the hearts lonely fool

I toy with myself
To undefind love

I see the eyes
Screaming more from my action
As appendages bend themselves
Into one another
With enthusiastic screams
Of those wanting to be pleased
With a confidence they drive from their bodies
As tongues twirl in twilight

I toy with myself
To undefind love

Bodies rise sore up and down
With the sweat drowning
Off of their browes
As they know they are being watched
by those with the one eyed loaded guns
and lonely hearts
To fire out the amunition
Of another empty man
He only seems to get love from his hands

I toy with myself
To undefind Love

By Jeffrey Johns 14/7/2009

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