Sunday, 5 July 2009

Do the Oppression

Wake up and make yourself something your not
For today you have to fit in to get ahead alive
Theres nothing for those outside of our ring
As we are tightening the ropes
Exclusion zonesbecome bigger for those who can not cope
The borders of disibility become the grey pits for humanity
How can we be fighting for the same scraps of society
To take some money and break somebody
Down to the edges of this person
And within his personality
May lay the seed of something beautiful
But no one will see it because
Who will be there when I flaunt it
Hit it up and Laud it
But knowingt your going to totally ignore it

So Do the Oppression Baby
And take away your shine

Take away the glint inyour eyes
And replace it with something a little bit flat
Creativity is not encouraged
Because it does not ring with the monopolies
Of pounds and pennies that sting the publics purses
Wriming with the meat of what we need to eat
So lets change our our personality
Into polstychrine idiocrassy
So we can wait alonglines to be pecked and pushed into designs
Outsiders won't ever fit in
So we will chuck them right in the bin to be discarded
Don't let them litter this place
So we must keep them out of site
Even if they cheer our names
We must hide it all with shame
So lable us and Dont be scandlous

So Do the Oppression baby
An take away your shine

whatever glitters that is gold
Is forced onto to be sold
A bit broken and bold
So tone down your voice so it fits in with the ears around you
Don't stand on creates to speak
Because it will only make you weak
Nobody will listen to this high pitched squeaking

by Jeffrey Johns

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