Saturday, 18 July 2009

Feed the World and Geldoffs Girls

Feed the World and Geldofs girls

Living on a diet of Meth amphetimines and white powder
Bourne from the rocks and shed together
A peerless sprog of Dearly departed
Mother and father died for one another
Take one poor miss advataged youth
Who was brought up in disasterous rich upbringings
Of being a Geldoff Sibbling
To be thrown down with the common classes
As the flash, flash of Ok magazine
What a public hoob
After stumbling down the nearest tube
With a blearing nose and an attitude
That is quite simply spoilt and rude

Feed the World and Geldofs girls

So how should we do it?
I know we we'll screw it
We'll do a campaigne inouter Mongolia
Where people barely know her
So we can get the orphan to rattle and humm
Like desperation scum
And shout out save our Pixie
Save our Peaches
So they can live a life of luxury
And watch us starve and plea
Taxi for three they would scream
Take us away to Camden and gleam
They would say stairing into the seren
Of rustic shacks and dusty floors
Lets swap this place with plastered floors
And cheap shags
Where they can act like celebrity whores

Feed the World and Geldofs girls

I mean they cant help it
Being desperate that everybody felt it
To see their poor withering withdrawn eyes
Make everyone cry and mop sad tears
Oh look at poor diamond
As they plea on Children in need desperate and weeded
As they both cry we are all needed
Well let look at allo the good work they did?
I mean who did you screw?
you, you,you and you
As they point out all the indie slews
With their skinny thin brittle looks
And bones that snap and hook
Oh what good you have done by being a pointless bum

By Jeffrey Johns 18/7/2009

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