Sunday, 26 July 2009

God Knows

My friends god knows everything
He even knows the truth about Mary
He can tell all the final scores
1-0 to the city a wind assisted debarkle
So put your pounds on the bet fair
And take all your winnings
to spend sporradically on wild eccentric things

He knew how to make all the leaders sing
Just wisper in their ear
That there is a new relligion here
He said with sence of austerie insencerity
And just sit back here and watch the action
With me on my Plaza luminated TV
You see all the best action from me

Isn't it fun when the rights wings
Hang and maime whilst the tyranicles bomb and blame
Whilst Hollywood lies deep inane
For scientology is their game
And what was that about Mormonism
Otherwise known as the Donny Osmand syndrome
Oh yeah I spiked his plate with something nasty

You see sometimes its fun being me
When you know everything
He would say bending over gingerly
Maybe some day you can be a marta to
Bit like my supposed son
That people keep on going on about

The thing about god is
That he always knew what he was on about
Ask me a question and I will give
It will be the truth
Even if it is not what you wanted to hear
Most people just twist it in their ears
Believe what they want

I Had true control then there would be no right wing fundamental peeves
Lioke the Vatigan which is lined with sleaze
Of how we control humans by spreading STD's

God is really a lager lout
And a lazy bumb who does not like to shout
Let it out, lets twist their minds
play noughts and crosses with Maries mind
To make martas of Jesus kind
He often scoffs down a vindaloo
Or a Madhar Jaffrey that he invented

and many othe quite disgusting habbits

By Jheffrey Johns 26/7/2009

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