Saturday, 18 July 2009

Just anothe Night in The Safari Zoo

I miss the Wild life
wehen I walk home late at night
seeing 1000's of gorilas pumping for a fight
After they have had another splendid Friday night
Of cheap shafted alchopops
And being driven home by the cops
Those 40 year old bints bloated like balloons
Staring at me as if I was a loon
For not going to their saloon
Full of Orange peeled skins
And making myself look like
I had come out of a toxic waiste bin
yeah but thats supposed to makes us sexy
yeah but that really does perplex me
As to why you think it would be sexy
To have a slap on personality
As the daily grinds hits the rails
For a bit of slap and fickle
As the men gaupe like baboons from the local zoo
At the you know who
With their biuts hanging out like Brussle Sprouts

Just another night at the Safari zoo
Bumbling along with the you know who

I miss the sounds of the blairing sirens
The classy tones of 'Ello sexy
And look there's Jesus
Come screaching out from gaggling hags
Looking like abused, torne and shragged hand bags
With the men draging their knuckles on the ground
Making gargantuan sounds of apes
As they pound around
With all the intelligence of tarzan
With no space for thought in the brain
Or cans that they have in their hands
Wangling their wongers
As all space for intelligence drifts on out
As the larger lagers drift on out
And control their rotting spouts
Oh yes here louts shout it out boys
We are all girls toys
They said all tuffed up and the wronge waye up

Just another night at the Safari zoo
Bumbling along with the you know who

By Jeffrey Johns 18/7/2009

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