Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Who really cares for the voices under the stairs?
Hiting the cobbled wood from the empty shed
As social concience stings and colours of voices runs rings
About contexts of foundations we all swing round and round
With polliticians stamping on the higher grounds
Along with their maccabre tones of the lefts and the rights
braging amongst the richest types
With Westminster snobs mobing all the parties useless yobs

The Houses of parliment ring roses with clerks and poses
Raise upto the mic my dear speaker
We are ready to make you feel a bit weaker
Bark the dogs of the other clans and pods
So who are you? Labour? Torry? or Lib Dem and boring?
They would all sings as a skinny pale man skimmed upto the mic
I speak for man of the Joe Public clans
Well we all do that they spat out with stingy tones
Raising their voices too the cieling

But really they are all just dreaming!
I mean who can afford a second home in Ealing?
When they claim to be dealing in aid of the public healing
I mean do you see ministers on public transport?
no you see them in personal escorts
With Jaguars and Porschs pouring out all over Camerons Green clauses
Whilst Brown drowns in Labours instabilities
And there is no hope for the Lib Dems to stem security!

So Lets confuse the public they cry
And make everything prohibited until we all die
Hide everything with red taped buerocrassy
That we can all call democrassy
Hide in shame and poke the lame elements of scandles
Of who did what to which middle class toff
Ringing with bighting acusations of who did what
Like herds of dogs in kennells
For we are right and you are wronge
They would scream along to the same old songs
With lollaping tongues laping from side to side

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