Thursday, 28 May 2009

I am a human not a robot,
I got needs that you aint got
I got emotions you wont rot
Because I am a human not a Robot

Dont be confused by my irregular appearance and my lack of coherence
When I speak in the tongues of the burning man
Looking for connections and emotions of who I can recieve
With glowing hands and a warmth to touch me
Jump starting this heart of proffessed lyrical messes
As rambled out drones of mundane groans
Judging me like treason with alphabetical alchemy running down my neck
Making me sick of being treated with the same mechanical dresses
Underpined by profesional stances that we identify ourselfs
stacking along the isles of the same old shops
With the mid life chrisis stuck in the middle
Like a flowing mental state of instability
Pondering on a wire of how to let this life be heard and not disturbed
As I put a foot in to test the waters of who I can be in this life
And what I can see to be displaced in society
Like dismorphic abombinations that some of the human race adear to
In stereotypical formations clustering in gangs
Because they want each others backs and fear
Being lone masts for provercations
As they dont know how to cry with pride

I am a human not a robot,
I got needs that you aint got
I got emotions you wont rot
Because I am a human not a Robot

I have a disability of the learning tides
So I dont always know how to move with the rise of the human flowings
Bringing to power the voices of many complexions
That always lurke in these eyes
As I am battling with a crushing pride
And a passion that carries me on the roughest of strenuous rides
Creating a sliding slope for me to fall into the diches of conformity
It scares me to think that we judge others on what we see
Without knowing the truth of their picture battled storries
Of what lives they lead because we are to concerned with our own breeds
Like malfrustrations causing confusions within humanizations
Asking question of how we should intergrate with one and other
And where does my heart sit when you are mis-stitched
With discomfort into your new clothes like an emporer with a new thrown
Pulling off the browning points of life
To counter act the dower sounds of the tragic man
Walking in lines of the slumbersome streets
splashing waterstone man with the coldened hand
Burining frustrations into the voices of an uncontrolable flexing rage
Like red raw rape of society
So we become indiginous of individuality excluding those that do not look a like

I am a human not a robot,
I got needs that you aint got
I got emotions you wont rot
Because I am a human not a Robot

The Human phylosophy is to take orders from the barking dogs
Handling mis-cast personalities living a liberal freedom
As I find myself revolting against accusations
Burning in the name of the family dust
As I appear with a lollaping tongue full of dis-taste an honesty
I can bight with a lie, but sometimes I would wish I would die
Just to be judged by the person that I am
And not by the skins that I carry on me
So just don't look at me because I have the palest of skin
Just come and ask and I might let you in
To show you all my personalised insecurities
And how I would like things to ring with a bueatiful glee!

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