Sunday, 24 May 2009



I am the insecurities crawling in your skin
wishing how you looked better off thin
stripping yourself down too the bones of personalities
Skeletal tones and brittle bones
Causing you to look at life like a pointless self help video
Where does it go with all the feelings of washed up dazed dreamings

I am your personal judgement That will hound and hackle you
Until you give in to voices of self doubt in your head
Causing you to see everything with a black cloud
Drowning out the sunshines light
And shouting out a loud No I am not proud

I am the voice of reason
Telling you everything you do is right or wronge
Making you mark your sword with pride
Or swallowing it withb lifes great strides

I am the ghost in your head
Creeping in your dreams as I sift through your every stiring moment
Breathing life into your hazards and deepest fears
so please do not be to uppset my dear

I am your shadow following your every move
With almost stalker like tendencies
As I inch with ever miloscoping attention to detail
Down to every last little twitch or flick

My Dear I am your every question you ask
And dont always supply the answer
Because it is uncomfortably perplexed,
Confused and concused up in your head
As you piece together fractured words

I am the holder of the kanded touch
That just wishes for a warmly hug and softness of skin
But these voices within
Will always trap me in a harsh sharded tin

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