Sunday, 24 May 2009



I am Art
I feel like I am hitting my head against a brick wall
As every time I stumble and fall
With ever present stances of disatisfaction
Playing upon my every reaction
As events slap me in the face with a cold neck brace
I can not help but think that my face is out of place
And I can not help but feel disgraced
As everything seems to blow all over the place
As there goes the optimist of the human race

Whats that he has special needs creativity as his friend
Other would sneer and condisend towards me
We cant have you as one of ours
They soured because creativity is on your boards
They would wrap tongues and twist around my wrists urging me to slit them

So we all will laugh at his funeral they all jeered
And that is where they all claimed to know him and his colourfuls glory
For Art was a nerdy kid with strange complexions and no sence of pride
As his story had been washed away with human tides of hystory
Like snowy blurs of colour fading to grey
As they burdoned me with diluting cheap champaign
People walked around stairing at empty cases and frames
With a never ending sence of distaste
You could see their eyes buzzing thinking
Did I Kill ART?

With worrying tones placed on their faces Arts crittics would race
with no ending to senses of who could I crittic next
And treat with X-ray Spex
As looked at those labled in the different line
Whilst singing who will step out of line this time?
As they burried me with a jolly ho
And the sounds of Corks blew and flowed with chardoniegh bows
Lets start dealing they all squealed with nasty undertones
As they had all hid away their Van Goughs Picassos and Renoires with Monets
With their mixed up memoires
Arts long term crittics began started to bleed with the green of cashes deadly gleame
As they would pause to think his only disability was his Creativity

We should not encourage this the Joe Public squealed
As they yealded all plans to burn pictures and paintings
Smash all Crockery to bring about destructive glee and cap the hands of creativity
As their faces wriggled with uncontrolled freedom of glee
Demonstrating how Arts death had lead to prosperouse deeds
Of marketing simple image needs to those to conform with ease
But there is still one question perplexing me and that is
Who Killed ART?

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