Saturday, 30 May 2009


I Can Be

I can be a hero, A Liar or a cop
just take this swig and your mind will drop
As I take a taste of the river flown lager
Watching pills push up walls of the waters edge

I mean I can also be a plosited
Esqutiod Gentleman displaying affection
With a kandid of hand holding grace gently
As the eyes float too the bottom of the glass

I can be a phylosipher, a debater and genral public hater
With the rambled tones of bluring words
As I slur everything I had ever heard
Burning tones of the tongues of the undone verbs

I would also used to consider myself
Someone who was born with an untold welth
As I pushed pennies towards the watering holes
Drinking gin from the Tin to hide the holes within

I mean I can be anything I want to be if I put my mind to it
I can be a Fireman just like Sam
Or wait here for hours
For the final tones of the slaming bells
Ringing hometimes hoodlum

I can be pollitician, a Barister or a clart
Talking like the Urban tarted man
And his shackled plans
Rulling out his grands for a bitterness that always stands

I can be a Boxer, a rebbelionist or an Actor
Taking in stages everything for the X factor
A star to shine above my name
As I sift in vein through the Kronnies eyes

But there is a staining taste in my mouth
As I often talk like I have got no spout
without rolling lines of the white devine
to shove up my nostrils for the sobring times

I can be a Joker playing on people with hot pokers
Or the misserable skulcker loathing in the corners
With a vegetating insulting and un kind
Until I pull up these mental blinds

I can be journalist, a jouster or a public bouncer
looking from the sides hounding
with Authoritan poundings
Shelling out dust from nights of uproarings

I can be anything
If I can take my eyes away from the half empty glass
haunting me with its very grip gritting my teeth

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