Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Modern Artist

I am an Artist with a victorian vaneer and a corrigated sneer
With a rich mummy and Daddy giving me the freedom
To be none other then a Tracy Emin want to be
Copying and pasting with never ending glee
I'll take a photo of my bedroom and sell it as Nouvell art Cousine
Until it bleeds freely with green fibres to me
Oh won't it make mummy and Daddy pleased happy
To see their young son pappying amongst the glitzy yobs
And those all so precious and oh so selacious Art crittic lots
This is fabulouse they would cheer
with pointlesness of a new debonair
As they all staired at a desolated bed placed in the corner
With the please rub me stains stuck onto the sheets
As I pose with useless unbespoken tones
Strutting around the Ta Ta ing snobbery in corners
Cringing with the nose of the nouvell artist
rank with the hooked tones of the higher class echaelons of society
Tarting up the regal parties with bucks of fizz and whizz
Oh what a wonderful life this is
Looking at vast creations blandlism as petice and exciting
Even if I am copying it in writing!

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