Thursday, 24 September 2009


The human appology is something that forever daunts me
As try to appologies for my very existance
To make you make your faces turn with an ugly sight
Son you are not dressed in plastic
So you are never going to be quite right

Thats why they labeled me special and try to push me out of sight
Well thats what the doctors nearly did with success in flight
Right they screamed lets put him under with a 6ft blunder
Because we dont want a boy with un Ken like existance
Squwarked a bunch of identicats with notes ringing for teeth
And a careless pastiffe apart from lets lock up all outsiders tones
You son you spastic come here throwing me crumbs kicking me in the face
Your a fucking disgrace they lauded
As everything I try just gets laughed at
Hahaha son you must be joking We never want to touch with a ragged thing
Stinging words coming from singing voices
Trip stumble blunder take away tears
But fought back from the dogtors blunders
So I am here to slap you in the face with broken jeers
Look out there I dont give a shit about your hair
And prostheticly beautiful you are
Because lets just face we are all really just retards
Especially to the point of in order to make statements
You have to copy one another!

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