Friday, 14 August 2009

Little Sparrow

The Vulture in society is casting his eye on me
As I stand scared in a cage
Hearing the racheting of his giant claws aginst my metal cage
And voices are swaying round and a round
Just dont make at sound
I can hear them screaming
When trying to open the doors
Whilst menopause stream on out
And frustrations building away
Lifes just a brick wall
I can hear myself crying out
Nobody wants to listen to this voice
With the Vulture spinning around
In the Wings ruffling
As peaople are questioning my worth

Because I know I made way
For a friend to make the grave
And every day I hear these voices of blame enslave
You my son they would scream at me
You are not worth petance or pitty
They spit with an undignified sence
Of talking down to me and my family
Because I survived a 6ft blunder
Before he went under
Only months was the distance of time
One shock shook another one into action
Like a double sided slap that labled me
The sparrow is who I be

I could feel a little hammlet
Want to burn and blight me
As a stabbing lay blunt on me
Burn my name they would scream
With those ruly tones of authority
Treeting it like a witch hunt
Burning all the proffercies
Not making it clear to anyone
But just only me
For these voices I at times fear
Will get the better of me
The little sparrow that I see
That little sparrow is me

By Jeffrey Johns 14/8/2009

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